Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW) Warsaw


The Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW) is a research institution dealing with analyses and forecast studies of the political, social and economic situation in: the countries neighbouring Poland and in the Baltic Sea region, the Balkans, the Caucasus and Central Asia. OSW was established in 1990. On 1 January 2012 it was granted the status of a state-supervised legal entity whose activities are regulated by the act of 15 July 2011 (Journal of Laws [Dz. U.] no. 173, item 1029). OSW currently employs around 40 analysts.


In line with the act OSW’s tasks include the compilation of information on important events and the political, social and economic processes taking place in Poland’s international surroundings and to make it available to Poland’s state authorities, as well as preparing analyses, expert opinions and forecast studies.


See the OSW official website – www.osw.waw.pl - to find out more information.